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The Current and Future State of Japan's Security Token Industry


In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, Japan stands at the forefront of an innovation that promises to redefine the essence of capital markets: the Security Token. The fiscal year 2023 marked a pivotal moment for Japan's Security Token Industry, showcasing unprecedented growth and diversification that signpost the dawn of a new era in finance. This column delves into the intricacies of this burgeoning sector, elucidating its current achievements and prognosticating its promising future.

The Emergence of Security Tokens in Japan

The concept of security tokens — digital assets that signify ownership of real-world assets backed by blockchain technology — has transitioned from an intriguing notion to a tangible and viable financial instrument within Japan's capital markets. Reports from Nomura Holdings and BOOSTRY underline a monumental year-on-year growth, with the total issuance value exceeding JPY 90 billion, a staggering 5.8-fold increase from the previous year.

Figure 1: Annual domestic security token issuance (Public Offering) amounts by blockchain infrastructure

The dominion of real estate within the security token offerings is particularly noteworthy, constituting 85% of the market. This emphasis on real estate underscores the unique value proposition of security tokens: the tokenization of physical assets into divisible, easily traded digital forms, enhancing liquidity and accessibility for investors.

Figure 2

Institutional Engagement and Infrastructure Development

A pivotal factor in the ascendance of the security token industry is the active participation of major financial institutions. In FY2023, the landscape saw an expansion in the ecosystem with 11 brokerage firms and 6 banks/trust banks venturing into security token dealings. This institutional engagement is a testament to the burgeoning confidence in and the viability of security tokens as a financial instrument.

Figure 3 : Representative projects for FY2023

Moreover, the establishment of the ibet for Fin blockchain network marks a significant milestone in creating a robust infrastructure for the security token market. Spearheaded by a consortium of major Japanese financial institutions, this blockchain network facilitates transactions and asset management, underscoring the pivotal role of technology in the sector's growth.

The Future Trajectory of Security Tokens in Japan

Looking ahead, the horizon for Japan's security token industry gleams with potential. The market is poised for a multifaceted expansion, encompassing an increase in issuance, merchantability, and further participation from both domestic and international financial entities. The allure of security tokens lies not just in their novelty but in their capacity to offer new fundraising avenues, democratize access to investment opportunities, and engender a new era of financial inclusivity and transparency.

The future will likely witness the diversification of asset classes beyond real estate, with innovations in fundraising transactions and the creation of unique investment experiences. Furthermore, regulatory advancements and technological refinements are expected to streamline operations, enhance security, and bolster market confidence.


As we stand on the cusp of a financial revolution, Japan's security token industry embodies the confluence of innovation, technology, and market dynamism. The growth trajectory witnessed in FY2023 is merely the prologue to a saga of transformation that will redefine the contours of investment and asset management.

The security token, with its promise of efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity, is poised to become a cornerstone of the new financial order. As stakeholders continue to navigate the complexities and harness the opportunities presented by this nascent industry, the future indeed looks promising. The journey of Japan's security token industry is not just a reflection of a market trend but a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to redefine the very fabric of financial markets.

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