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Ondo Finance Embraces Blockchain with $95M Move to BlackRock's Tokenized Fund

In a groundbreaking development for the financial and crypto markets, Ondo Finance has announced its plan to transfer $95 million worth of assets to BlackRock's BUIDL fund. This strategic move is poised to revolutionize instant settlements within the crypto domain, showcasing a significant shift from traditional finance mechanisms to innovative, blockchain-based solutions.

By leveraging BlackRock's Ethereum-based, tokenized fund, Ondo Finance aims to enhance the usability and efficiency of its U.S. Treasury-backed token, OUSG. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in financial technology, blending traditional investment practices with the agility and accessibility of modern blockchain technology.

The transition from a conventional Treasury bond ETF to the BUIDL fund will allow for instant, round-the-clock transactions, setting a new standard for liquidity and convenience in the crypto ecosystem. Ondo's initiative demonstrates the potential for blockchain to modernize financial transactions, making assets more accessible and transactions more seamless for investors worldwide.

Friday, March 29, 2024,

Secretary General of ISTA

Augustin Jiang

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