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Kim Sowol Reborn as a STO...Going Overseas to Enter the STO Global Market

Updated: Mar 30

Wins Digishares Award at STO Summit Token Securities Competition

Established SPC and received SEC approval to go public

First Korean token securities project to enter the global market

Watch out for more tokenization of K-contents

A Korean tokenized securities project will be listed on a global platform for the first time. The artistic movie "Sowol, (산산이 부서진 이름) Name Shattered in Pieces" is the protagonist. The project was selected as a winner by DigiShares, a U.S. token issuance (STO) platform, at the 'STO Summit 2023' Token Securities Contest held last month, giving it the opportunity to be listed overseas.

On the 28th, Sowol Studio, a film production company, announced that it will issue the art film "Sowol, Name Shattered in Pieces" as a token security on DigiShares' STO platform. Sowol Studio will establish a special purpose corporation (SPC) in the United States in January 2024 and apply to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for token security authorization, and if approved, will be listed on the DigiShares platform.

Digital Artwork created by Abraham Joshua

The project was one of the entries in the STO Summit token securities contest held last month at KG Tower in Jung-gu, Seoul from September 9-11. Six out of nine projects advanced to the main round and presented their business models and financing plans during the STO Summit.

Planned for release in 2025, the 100th anniversary of the publication of "Azalea Blossom (진달래꽃)," the Kim Sowol art film depicts how the pain and suffering of poet Kim Sowol, a colonial intellectual who died at the age of thirty-two, were sources of inspiration for his works.

Singer IU

Many of Kim Sowol's poems were made into numerous songs and have been loved by the general public. His poems have been the subject of numerous hit songs, including the nursery rhyme "Mother, Older Sister (엄마야 누나야)," the popular song "Azalea Flower" by Maya, a popular singer, the song "I Have Lived Without Knowing Life (나는 세상 모르고 살았노라) ", and the song "Sanyu Hwa(산유화)" and many more. In particular, the song " Gaeyeoul (개여울)" was originally sung by singer Jung Mijo and has since been remade by IU, a popular young singer, a song that transcends generations.

Gaeyeoul (개여울) Song by IU

"Regardless of nationality, writers, directors, actors, investors, and audiences who sympathize with Kim Sowol's artistry will participate in a cooperative to produce the movie," said Im Sung-yong, who wrote the script for "Sowol, Name Shattered in Pieces."  He plans to submit an OST composed of Kim Sowol's poetry before filming the movie.

Writer Im Sung-yong

At the STO Summit, DigiShares selected Sowol's project and was given "DigiShares Prize" among the six finalists and to support its listing.

"Kim Sowol is one of Korea's leading poets, and we noted that his poems were made into songs," said Claus Skanning, CEO of DigiShares. "We gave high marks to the project's intention to create an artistic movie that combines poetry and songs with outstanding artistry." DigiShares has created the leading platform for Real World Asset tokenization, and has a system of smart contracts, voting rights, dividends, and more, making it ideal for funding cultural contents." 

Claus Skanning, CEO of DigiShares

DigiShares is a global STO company that was launched in 2018 in Aalborg, Denmark, and has expanded to Copenhagen and Miami, Florida. The DigiShares token securities platform is optimal for raising funds using real assets such as real estate, renewable energy, mining, and startups. Investments can be made in fiat currency as well as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and stablecoins, and secondary trading between shareholders is made possible.

In addition, it has a system in place whereby shareholder meeting, shareholder voting, and dividend system, are made available and is recognized as having the optimal system for issuing and distributing STOs. DigiShares is a leading platform to the digital assets ecosystem and can help companies to harness the power of blockchain technology.

Reporter - Sohyun Kwon

Edaily , Head of Market In Center

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