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International Security Token Association[ISTA] was launched

Updated: Mar 30

The International Security Token Association (ISTA), an association of token security issuance (STO) officials from around the world, was born.

This association was officially launched at the ‘STO (Security Token Offering) Summit’ held at KG Harmony Hall, KG Tower, Jung-gu, Seoul on November 10, 2023.

The newly created ISTA will share overall trends in the STO industry in the future, while also sharing opinions and considering the direction to take for the development of the STO industry.

Augustin Jiang, CEO of ArtRino, said, “This is the first international conference under the name of STO Summit,” and added, “We proposed the formation of this association with the intention of forming a group among those who met this time and planning next meetings in Europe, the United States, Singapore, etc., and everyone agreed. “He explained the reason for the creation of the association.

The purpose of participating in this ISTAR is to △ Contribute to the development of the global token securities industry △ Represent the rights and interests of companies related to token securities around the world △ Share token securities company activities around the world △ Serve as an advisor on token securities legislation in each country △ Hold a country-by-country tour of STO conferences △ Other related events Six activities were included.

The founding members of ISTA are as follows.

 Oliver Marco La Rosa - CEO of GlobiancePay / Pat LaVecchia - CEO of Oasis pro / Dr. Don Oparah - CTO of Redswan / Claus Skaaning - CEO of Digishares / Mike Bomhoff - CTO of the Treasure Experience / Edward Chen - Managing Partner of HTX Ventures / Marc Geriene - CEO of the Treasure Experience / Jillian Wollman - Head of marketing & communication of oasis pro / Sohyun Kwon - head of Market In Center / Aaron Ong- Co founder of IXswap / Julian Kwan - CEO of InvestaX / Bob Yostpille - Head of Administration of Oasis Pro / Daniel Tramel Stabile - The lead author of Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology / Edward Nwokedi - CEO of RedSwan CRE / Augustin Jiang - CEO of ArtRino / Flip (Seongmin Hong) -STO professional YouTuber.

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