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2024 Mid-Year Security Token Market Status and Outlook


The first quarter of 2024 has marked a significant evolution in the landscape of security tokens, driven by robust technological advances and increasing institutional interest. The Security Token Market (STM) report for March 2024 encapsulates pivotal developments, including the launch of BlackRock's BUIDL fund and notable increases in market activity, setting a tone of vibrant growth and innovation.

Market Overview and Key Developments

The STM report highlights a dynamic market, tracking over 532 security tokens across diverse platforms. A standout feature from this month is the introduction of STM Charts, enhancing the visualization of market trends and data analytics, reflecting a growing sophistication in market tracking.

March 2024 has seen substantial activities, such as:

  • The launch of BlackRock’s BUIDL fund through Securitize, impacting the pooled investment fund sector with a notable rise in market cap and volume.

  • RealT capitalizing on the Swiss DLT Act to bolster its funding, reflecting a strategic leverage of regulatory landscapes to enhance token offerings.

  • The vibrant trading activity in asset-backed securities, with new entries like the HAG Token, alongside significant capital inflows into existing tokens like those of Redwood Trust LiquidFi Securitizations.

Quantitative Analysis

Market capitalization for March began at $32.57 billion and slightly increased to $33.05 billion by month's end, a modest rise reflecting ongoing market resilience. In contrast, the trading volume saw a significant jump by 133.88% to $12.68 million, indicating heightened market activity and investor engagement.

Detailed Asset Class Breakdown

  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS): The ABS tokens have seen a growth in market cap, particularly driven by new offerings and expansions in existing tokens.

  • Pooled Investment Funds: Spearheaded by BlackRock’s BUIDL, this sector has seen almost a 192% increase in market cap, underscoring the growing confidence and interest from institutional investors.

  • Real Estate: Despite a dip in market cap, the trading volume in real estate tokens has surged, suggesting a volatile yet engaging market segment.

  • Equity Tokens: The equity market, dominated by tokens like Enegra Group Token, maintained a stable market cap but enjoyed a significant rise in trading volume, reflecting robust trading interest.

Regulatory and Institutional Developments

The regulatory environment has continued to evolve, with significant steps like the granting of a charter to WisdomTree by the New York State Department of Financial Services. This allows broader fiduciary custody of digital assets and introduces new products like the WisdomTree Gold and Dollar Tokens, potentially setting a precedent for future regulatory frameworks.

Future Outlook

The security token market is poised for substantial growth through 2024, with expectations of more regulatory clarity and technological advancements. The integration of traditional financial practices with innovative tokenization strategies will likely continue to attract more institutional investors and broaden the market scope.


As we move towards the second half of 2024, the security token market is expected to witness not only growth in the depth and breadth of market offerings but also enhanced regulatory structures that could pave the way for more widespread adoption and innovation. The ongoing developments and the proactive stance of market players underscore a promising future for security tokens.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Augustin Jiang

Secretary General at ISTA

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